Orchestral Manoeuvres: Andy Leomar’s Symphoniacs

Berlin is a city of contrasts. Cultures, people and ideas all jostle for space, rub up against each other, and occasionally clash. It’s an atmosphere that allows experimentation and creativity to bloom, for new concepts to be born.

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The top 5 Christmas Markets in Berlin

Last weekend was the first Advent Weekend and the Christmas spirit seems to have installed itself throughout the city. Soon enough we’re all going to be frantically running through the city to find that special gift we’ve postponed until the last moment. And this weekend is your last chance to visit the unique Christmas Markets and fetch some special gifts. We at Artconnect understand this, hence we’ve been doing our best to make your job easier and find the most artsy and special Christmas markets in town… and even for those who can’t stand the cold or hate the big masses of people drinking frantically Glühwein, here’s our fresh new online shop with beautiful artworks from wonderful artists of our network! Read more »

Mele de la Yglesia

Spotlight on Mele de la Yglesia

Mele de la Yglesia is a Spanish artist from the south of Spain, Cadiz. She moved years ago to Berlin and as it happened to many of us in Berlin, life happened to her and ended up growing a family and staying in the city. At Artconnect we first met Mele at the very beginning of the platform, around 2011. Now, we are collaborating to sell some of her exclusively produced artworks for our new shop. Read more »


Spotlight on Irene Cruz


Starting this December, Artconnect is launching it’s new online shop, with artworks created exclusively for us from some of our favourite artists of the network. Our first artist has been Irene Cruz, a Spanish photographer who moved to Berlin looking for the light she almost never found in sunny Spain.

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Oddcity Episode One: Ofen Bar and the Sound of Silence


“Overland Originals have teamed up with Grover and LOLA Magazine to present a new online video series that reveals the quirky and unique side of Berlin. Over the course of the next six weeks new episodes will be unveiled that cover everything from Germany’s first Vogueing house to a service that will deliver a string quartet directly to your house party. The first episode tells the story of Dario Calfapierta, an Italian-native who found a creative solution to deal with the noise complaints in his live music bar in Neukölln.” Read more »


Staff Picks # Nudity

What is about nudity that bothers so much the world wide web? We have decided to celebrate nudity on our blog, because we love it and allow it, because we do not have nudity filters and we do not want to have them – ever! If you can’t post nude pictures on social media, go ahead and do it on

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One Night to Unite a City: Culture Night Belfast


On any normal Friday afternoon, the streets of Belfast are sparsely populated, frequented only by shoppers and workers. At night they can be even quieter, with people just gathering around the pubs of the area. But one Friday in September is different.

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Staff Picks # Art & Politics Edition

The world is changing constantly – due to politics. On this week’s Staff Picks our network artists respond to global change at the heels of the current political debate in their art projects with a strong political message. Get inspired by our # Art & Politics Edition. Read more »

Review on Chiharu Shiota ‘Uncertain Journey’ at Blain Southern Gallery Berlin

Chiharu Shiota´s bright red yarn installation in Berlin’s Blain Southern Gallery emanates a fascination you hardly can withdraw from. Not only because of the size and the unique character of the art piece itself (Shiota uses almost 360 000 meter of yarn) but especially because ‘Uncertain Journey’ crawls under the skin.  Read more »


Waves, Sand, and Sunlight: Elizabeth McTernan on Mapping as Storytelling


Elizabeth McTernan is a cartographer. Not in the traditional sense, but her artistic practice consists of intricate mappings of everything from the patterns of waves at the Baltic Sea, to the intensity of sunlight, to the ‘Death Zone’ in the Himalayas. At once scientific and diaristic, her solo show Altitude Sickness at Horse and Pony Fine Arts approaches the study of territory and terrain through the lens of a storyteller – collapsing, reinterpreting and reimagining what a map can be.

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