Artconnect - Spotlight - The Trouble Notes - Photo Artconnect (2)

Spotlight on the Trouble Notes

The guys from the Berlin-based Gypsy fusion trio the Trouble Notes were a real pleasure to talk to and their live performance was an energy filled emotional roller coaster. They are a band you need to know about, so check out more about their travels and the spirit of their songs in this Spotlight.

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Artconnect - Review on 'Radically Modern' at Berlinische Galerie - © Heinrich KuhnSabine Krüger, Repro Isabell Kanthak

Review on “Radically Modern” at Berlinische Galerie

How did Berlin end up looking the way it does now? The Berlinische Galerie’s current exhibition, Radically Modern: Planning and Building in 1960s Berlin uses archival films, architectural designs, scale models and contemporary art to answer that question, creating a time capsule of urban planning and design in 1960s Berlin. Read more »

A Clear View

Top Artschools in Berlin

We all know that Berlin is an internationally recognized creative center, hosting some of the best artists and exhibitions. Where is this creative potential developed, though? To answer this question, we decided to take a look at the artists before the spotlights and the big shows, and go back to school. Here we present you the top Artschools in Berlin, or else said where the young creative minds are expanded.

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Artconnect Berlin - Selected Events - Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend! - Echoes of War - Reflecting Havoc - Copyright Benita Suchodrev

Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend!

Alright, last weekend was mind-blowing, but fun and excitement never stop in Berlin! As usual, Your Artconnect Berlin Weekend starts on Thursday, so you should kick off this long weekend with some vintage photographic images at the ECHOES OF WAR exhibition. Then visit the Neue Berliner Räume at Kunsthaus Dalem on Friday, enjoy ‘night-shopping‘ in Neukölln on Saturday and shut your weekend down with the Bertha ART Raffle on Sunday!

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Artconnect Berlin - Lottery - Puschen - Viet Cong Copyright David Waldman

Win 1×2 Tickets for Viet Cong by Puschen

The Canadian band Viet Cong creates a sound, which you cannot quite put your finger on, but possesses that intoxicating factor that makes you want to keep listening. They are coming to Berlin to present their self-titled album on the 17th of May 2015 at LIDO. Find out more about this fascinating band and how to win 1×2 tickets for their concert with Artconnect Berlin and Puschen! Read more »

Artconnect Berlin - Event of the Week - I'd rather be goddess than a cyborg by COVEN BERLIN - Copyright Kyttenjanae

Event of the Week: Feminist Queer Art Festival

Coven Berlin presents ’I’d rather be a goddess than a cyborg’, a feminist queer art festival. It will feature the works of artists from various disciplines with a common focus on feminism and technology. Screenings, workshops, performances, talks and much more will take place from the 8th till the 22nd of May at Kleiner Salon. Read our suggestions for this amazing festival in this article! Read more »

Artconnect Berlin - Awesome Opportunity - Monday Opportunity - Freischwimmer Festival - Copyright Gerhard F Ludwig

Monday Opportunity: Propose your project for Freischwimmer Festival

Sophiensaele Berlin, in collaboration with the theaters Forum Freies Theater, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, brut and Gessnerallee, will organize FREISCHWIMMER Festival as of fall 2016! Now you have the opportunity to develop your project in residencies and then tour along the different participating venues, all in the framework of the festival!

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Artconnect Berlin - Gallery Weekend 2015 - Photos by Artconnect Berlin -9

Gallery Weekend 2015

After recovering from the first of May we were ready to discover this year’s Gallery Weekend 2015. We tried to see as many galleries as possible from the official guide – that’s more than 40 locations! As always it was a really nice experience to stroll through the city and explore the art world. Here are our art highlights and the most interesting exhibitions from the last three days. A resume in pictures.  Read more »

Artconnect Berlin - First of May 2015 - Photos by Artconnect Berlin - 3

You love the First of May!

You love the first of May because you love feeling great vibes. You love the first of may because you love colours. You love the first of May because you love feeling carefree. You love the first of May because you love being around Kotti and Görli. You love the first of May because you love your friends. You love the first of May because you love sharing.

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