One Very Special Charity Art Auction

Auctioneer Fares Al-Hassan sells Tulipa by Edvard Koinberg, Photographer: Jörg Kandziora

We all felt it; this Tuesday night would become a very special one. Glowing in the dark, the architecturally outstanding building of the Berlinische Gallerie invited us into its spacious rooms.Many well-dressed Berliners made themselves on their way to the Gallerie to take part when once again, the Kunstmagazin called for a charity art auction supporting the Stiftung Telefonseelsorge Berlin.

After having dropped the heavy coats at the cloak room and having collected the sparkling glass of champagne, the guests moved into the main room. Here, all the pictures, that had hung at the Mianki Gallerie for preview beforehand, could be examined. Impressed faces and exited discussions on what to bid could be overheard. It became clear, we all shared one love: Art.

Pre-auciton atmosphere, Photographer: Jörg Kandziora

At 7pm the majority of the estimated 150 guests had taken their seats and a thrilled feeling silenced everyone – so when Dr.Ralf Burmeister from the Berlinischen Gallerie held his warm welcoming speech, the huge hall was quiet and listening. After his speech, Mrs. Sonja Müseler from the Telefonseelsorge told us more about the Stiftung and where the revenue of the auction would go. She emphasized the fact that the pieces of art that were up to auction were well under their actual prize and encouraged us, the bidders, to consider that fact and to be generous in our bids. The response to this was of course very appreciative, spending money for a good cause plus receiving brilliant art was the reason everyone was here.

Preview of works in Berlinische Gallerie, Photographer: Jörg Kandziora

When the auctioneer Fares Al-Hassan got up behind his tall desk the anxiety grew. Let the games begin! Equipped with his little wooden hammer he called out the starting price for the first picture that was up for auction and the crowd began waving their bidding-signs. In the end, most of the pictures had been auctioned off for a great price, only two pictures had to be sent back, and the revenue lay well over 27 thousand Euros. Great success!

the game begins, Photographer: Jörg Kandziora

Amongst the happy owners of a great piece of Art was also the author of this review. I had seen this incredible pop-arty, yet provocative work by Gero Neumeister already at the preview in the Mianki Gallery and fell in Art-love with the carved out shape of a gun on a piece of chipboard. I will never forget the excitement when auctioneer Fares Al-Hassan counted down: “1, 2 and three– the picture goes to the young lady in the front!”. What a triumph!

Gero Neumeister "Scheinbar", C-Print on Chipboard, 2011

Gero Neumeister “Scheinbar”, C-Print on Chipboard, 2011



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