Review on Pictoplasma Exhibition 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPay attention because something very exciting is happening! You know that Pictoplasma Berlin Festival 2015 started yesterday? Well Artconnect Berlin managed to get an exclusive sneak peak at their exhibition at Silent Green, before it was open to the public. We also got to talk to two of the exhibiting artists, Yomsnil and Lucas Zanotto. Find out what they shared with us, what our impressions were and get excited for Pictoplasma 2015!


The main exhibition of Pictoplasma 2015 was definitely something. Upon entering the gates of Silent Green, maybe biased by our knowledge about the venue, we couldn’t help but get a bit of a morbid vibe. However once we got to meet all the characters in the exhibition, this ex-crematorium started to look more like a fairytale castle full of wonder. This mysterious magic atmosphere was complimented by the dozens of eyes staring at you from every corner on the exhibition hall, and not to forget the cute Yeti that greeted us in front, which as one of the organizers Lars Denicke explained, represented the mystic link between humans and animals.


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Lars shared with us that this is the first group exhibition that Pictoplasma organizes in the scope of the festival, and in my opinion they did very well. The variety of artworks was amazing. From funny record sleeves, prints and paintings to ceramic objects and polymer figures. What I liked even more is that you could easily recognize the unique style of each artist, and all of them definitely succeeded in making me feel empathy and connection to their characters, which is what the theme of the festival,“Form Follows Empathy”, is all about.


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Lucas Zanotto

As you probably know last week we gave away one print from the awesome artist, Lucas Zanotto. So we were super happy when we learned that he was attending the opening and we got to ask him a couple of questions about his video and film projects and the series #havingaface, with which he was presented at the Pictoplasma exhibition.

The project #havingaface started two years ago and by now, according to his words, he can no longer count the number of these photographs. What he initially wanted to do is take landscape pictures with a special touch, so he started placing paper plates with black paint on places that interested him and taking photographs. We can agree he succeeded in turning simple landscapes into humorous characters.



We also got to talk to the artist YOMSNIL who came all the way from Korea to present his intriguing characters. At Pictoplasma he was presented by his very surprised and a bit anxious vases. Apparently people sometimes say that their expression are modeled on the ones the artist makes, however YOMSNIL shared with us that he usually does not start with a certain expression that the vase should have but rather follows natural forms with the clay.

YOMSNIL was also responsible for the centerpiece of the exhibition, consisting of several smaller parts, forming two faces. With this artwork and many of his others, he explores the blurred boundaries between design and art. He also recently had an exhibition in the Korean National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and sees his career going in that direction, so keep an eye out for this talented artist.


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What? Pictoplasma Berlin Festival 2015
When? 29th of April – 3rd of May 2015
Where? Silent Green, Babylon, Urban Spree, Platoon Kunsthalle
Website? Pictoplasma, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Artconnect Berlin Profile



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