Staff Picks # Sculpture Edition

The sculpture. One word, diverse forms. What exactly do we know about this subject of art, how do we integrate it in our life and what does it express of our very inside? Delighted by the current exhibition ‘Giacometti-Nauman’ in the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE in Frankfurt, we started to wonder how our Community artist are dealing with this subject. The result  is as virtuous as the subject of art sculpture itself, its materiality, expression and form. Get inspired by this weeks Staff Pics #Sculpture Edition.


 Dancing by Diana Beltran Herrera


Misserfolg by Amalia Wakonigg


We had the same Dream by Wolny Mariusz J.


Animal by Ana Rajcevic


Five Sculptures by Alessandro Twombly


Sculpture in Red 2013 by Miriam Lenk




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