Berlin U-Bahn, an underground journey of typography and color

Did you know that there are 173 U-Bahn stations in Berlin? Have you ever been to all the U-Bahn stations of Berlin? I can certainly say I haven’t, but after discovering this book, I’m more motivated than ever to go see some of them, the designs are amazing.

Berlin is a place with an amazing history, and somehow, it is reflected on the typography and designs of the U-Bahn stations all over the city. Aren’t you sometimes surprised about the extravagance of some of them? We seem to overlook the amazing quotidian beauties that surround us on our daily routine. As a new visitor to Berlin, Claudio Galamani had another perspective on the city and started taking pictures of the U-Bahn stations. In this book he now puts together the whole 173 U-Bahn stations with interesting insights.

We invite you to read the this blog post and get inspired by the pictures of Claudio Glamani, author of the book.  And if you absolutely love it, you can always purchase it on our shop!


Book Launch

Friday, 9th of December from 19 to 21h at the publisher’s space, Kulturspace.


You can now purchase the book on our shop!





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