#AnInterview. Manuel Moncayo is one of our favourite photographers.

He’s about to celebrate 3 years of his online diary with the release of a brand new book and an exhibition that will take place in Berlin this month. It was for us the perfect occasion to sit down and catch up with Manuel about his new project.

KALTBLUT: So, it’s been 1 year since your last exhibition in Berlin, Instinct #1. What have you been up to since this time?
Manuel: After the exhibition I decided to work by seasons, producing material for months without looking at it, and later spending time on the desk making mental maps and selecting files that fit to them. My last production phase started some months ago, I was invited by Thierry Smits to take pictures of his performance called Anima Ardens which was a beautiful experience, spending hours at the theatre looking at 11 male dancers. At the moment I am also preparing for a new exhibition celebrating 3 years of the publishing of my online diary, which is the project that I owe everything to.

KALTBLUT: W.O.W. You’ve been pretty busy. This experience with Thierry Smiths was something new to you right? You’ve been doing in a way some reportage photography where you’ve been there several days with the dancers, shooting them doing their thing as you said. They wouldn’t pose for you. How was the all experience about being just a viewer?
Manuel: As you said, the reportage was something new to me in therms of “naked guys” and also because this piece represents a high value in culture. The idea of being just a viewer and taking what was mine without directing brought a lot of freedom to the process and therefore the pictures transformed into a highly inspiring material.



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