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Circadian Project

Spotlight on Rebecca Loyche

The artist with Taco in ‘Circadian Project’. Photo: Aleesha Callahan

Approaching MMX on Linienstrasse you’re instantly confronted with an eclectic mix of installation pieces accompanied by an intricately threaded pyramid strung up in the front courtyard emanating a subtle glow. Rebecca Loyche is out the front playing with her energetic little dog, Taco, and greets me with a friendly smile. Read more »

Cyprien Gaillard: What it Does to Your City at Schinkel Pavillon

Cyprien Gaillard: What it Does to Your City, Image taken by Aleesha Callahan, 2012

Cyprien Gaillard’s ‘What it Does to Your City’ presents a collection of ten new sculptures, accompanied by an experimental performance captured on film. The French artist’s latest offering is currently on show at The Schinkel Pavillon, but if you want to catch it you’ll need to be quick, as this weekend will be your last chance… Read more »

Olafur Eliasson’s Volcanoes and Shelters at Neugerriemschneider

Image taken by Aleesha Callahan, 2012

Olafur Eliasson’s latest exhibition ‘Volcanoes and Shelters’ has recently opened at the Neugerriemschneider Gallery on Linienstrasse 155. The lofty, warehouse space will be exhibiting the collection until the 26th January 2013. But even though that leaves ample time, don’t wait until the last minute to gaze through the space and be charmed by work centred on the artist’s native country, Iceland. The gallery, based in Mitte, showcases the collection through a series of rooms, each exploring the rugged landscape of Iceland through photographs, re-imagined antique charts and delicately intertwined with symbolic objects…

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