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Deskmag Crowdfunding Campaign

Deskmag is asking for your support during their crowd funding campaign!

Deskmag Crowdfunding Campaign

Three years ago Deskmag was founded in Berlin and since then has served as the primary publication of the co-working movement. The online webzine is focused on sharing knowledge and stories about co-working across the globe. During this time, Deskmag has reached almost a million visitors who have followed the evolution of this innovative creative and independent work style. Read more »

A special screening of The Startup Kids from Ploonge and RallyBerlin

Ploonge, an Italian social networking startup with a successful branch in Berlin and RallyPad Berlin, via, a crowdfunding platform that allows you to reach your financial goals without the pressure of time constraints, have teamed up to bring you an exciting new crowdfunding campaign. The two startups are looking to dig deeper into the startup scene here in Berlin, and to also expose the revolutionary affects entrepreneurs have had on the working world. The goal of their campaign: to bring you a screening of The Startup Kids.

This documentary from Vala Halldorsdottir and Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir, which is now known as a sort of cult classic in the world of young entrepreneurs and startups alike, has suffered from a lack of press. The two Icelandic filmmakers interviewed the founders of now successful startups like, Vimeo, Soundcloud and many more. Both Rally Berlin and Ploonge realized the need for a film like this to gain the exposure it deserves. But of course, that is not all they have to offer.

The Startup Kids – Official Trailer from The Startup Kids on Vimeo. Like all crowdfunding campaigns, they have set a series of goals. First off, the screening will be on April 20th, right here in Berlin. In order to have access to the film rights they have asked for 600 Euro. Yet, if they can double the amount, there will be free food and drinks, free memberships to Rally and much more. Regardless of the outcome, it is guaranteed to be a fantastic night. Taking the typical dinner and a movie to the next level, and also bringing important insight to the innovative world of entrepreneurs.

Danilo Sierra, events Jedi at the RallyPad Berlin Giuseppe Colucci: head of Ploonge Berlin

Disco, utopia, and revolution: Performance/ART 002: Common Revilings at Import Projects

Mandie O’Connell and Magdalena Schnitzler, photo: Julien Barrat

Luis-Manuel Garcia opened the night at Import Projects last Friday with a lecture on “Utopianism in Dance Music since Disco: A Very Short History”. Utopias may not exist; in fact, hoping for perfection in the great beyond could be dangerous and delusional. But Performance Art 002: Common Revilings, the second performance in a series of four from La Mission & Knuckle Cartel, approaches a certain Arcadia through music, language, anger, hope and general human interaction…

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The Berlin Film Society brings the Delphi back to life: An exclusive screening of Der blaue Engel

Der blaue Engel, event flyer

If walls could talk, Das ehemalige Stummfilmkino Delphi would have a lot to say. Located in Weißensee, which was once referred to as “little Hollywood”, the Delphi was not only once one of the most striking art house cinemas in Berlin, but at one point served as the warehouse for the civil defense of the GDR, and in the early 90’s as a showroom for pipe organs.

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Nadja Sayej

SPOTLIGHT on Nadja Sayej

Nadja Sayej

These days, you meet a lot of artists and journalists who are based in Berlin. Some are just starting off, others are succeeding, and a lot feel like they are ready to give up.

It is important to be able to turn to those who were once in the same boat, and who have ultimately come out on top, in the surprisingly difficult process of establishing yourself in the wildly popular German capital. Read more »

La Mission & Knuckle Cartel Present: Performance/ART 002: Common Revilings

Laila Cola Weeks and Mandie O’Connell

In February, La Mission & Knuckle Cartel presented Performance/ART001 at Tischendorf right here in Berlin. It was a fiery introduction to the upcoming shows, of which there will be 4 more.

Last month’s performance, which we covered right here on Artconnect, was loosely based on the American film Network.  It was a lesson in experimental theater and what it means to observe and be observed. It seems that we are now ready to graduate to Performance/ART 002: Common Revilings.

The upcoming piece will tie back to the previous show, and promises to be an “irrepressible testimony on collective and individual identity, the valid and necessary pursuit of Utopia, and the wonders and perils of the human condition.”

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Going to the Soul with Frida Hyvönen at Monarch

Frida Hyvönen, photo: Amanda Gray

When I was younger, I had a real affinity for female singer-songwriters, in particular those who played the piano. I remember going to see Tori Amos at the Providence Performing Art Center when I was in high school and being totally blown away by her passion, humor, sexuality, and overall presence. It has been a long time since I have seen a show like that, and alongside the evolution of my own music taste, my passion for the piano playing siren had since been forgotten…or at least temporarily.

On Wednesday night, Nordic by Nature and media partner KaltBlut Magazine presented Frida Hyvönen – a Swedish singer and songwriter who is currently based in Paris. Hyvönen is not just a songstress with a dreamy voice and an acoustic guitar, but more of a fiery presence, with a sultry voice and serious piano playing skills. Hyvönen’s performance hit a nostalgic note for me. Supported by a DJ set from Nordic by Nature, the show at Monarch was the record release party, promoting her latest album which is very appropriately named: To the Soul.

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Spring Fling with Rangleklods at Festsaal Kreuzberg

Rangleklods, photo: Amanda Gray

On Friday March 1st, the clouds parted in Berlin and the sun came out for the first time in about four months. Although it has been an incredibly active winter with regards to music and events, I don’t think anyone will disagree that we’re ready for a change. I’ve had “Young and Dumb” on repeat since seeing Rangleklods on Friday night at Festsaal Kreuzberg. I got the feeling that this Danish duo, comprised of Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Silversten, was already receiving some hype in Berlin, and now I know why…

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Start Friday Night Right: Rangleklods+Deko Deko+ Rough Days for Diamond Trade at Festaal Kreuzberg

Esben Andersen: Rangleklods

Hailing from Denmark, Rangleklods is yet another example of the rich musical exchange happening between Berlin and the delicious Danish music scene. After moving to Berlin in 2010, Ragleklods admits that the outline of his project started in Denmark has been greatly filled in by his time spent in Germany. Heavily influenced by the infamous electronic music scene in Berlin Ranglekolds has created his own version of eclectic dance music. Mixtures of soothing and simultaneously melancholy vocal tracks are presented in combination with sophisticated beats.

Released in the fall, his long awaited debut album BEEKEEPER will bring RangleKlods back to Berlin on his official solo tour. Supported by German DJ duo Deko Deko  and Denmark’s Rough Days For Diamond Trade, Rangleklods will be playing at Festaal Kreuzberg March 1st starting at 20:00.


Known for his playful and passionate performances, it is a show not to be missed. Get a taste of the upcoming show by checking out some tracks on SoundCloud, and find the official event  presented by Nordic by Nature right here on Artconnect Berlin.

Event poster

Berlin goes to the movies, and you can too, with the Berlin Film Society!

Berlin Film Society

Starting yesterday, until the 17th of February, one of Berlin’s most outstanding events is taking place: The Berlinale International Film Festival . Looking back to filmmakers as early as the 1920’s, and the establishment of UFA, directors like Fritz Lang, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, and countless others were directing and making technical contributions to film that would forever influence the history of cinema. Would we, for example, have George Lucas’s C3P0 without the Maschinenmensch from Lang’s Metropolis? It comes as no surprise that Berlin is still a hub for cinema buffs of all types…

Much like its founder, Jack Howard, the Berlin Film Society  is young, open and ready to make connections. Although its name gives off an air of exclusivity, the Berlin Film Society is in fact looking to bring film to everyone, much like the way that the moving image was able to dissolve the aura that once surrounded works of art…

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