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Bianca Werner was born in 1987 in Halle (Saale) where she also first got introduced to analogue photography while getting her professional qualification as a graphic designer. Bianca moved to Berlin in 2008 and started using solely disposable cameras in the beginning of 2012 after reading an interview with photographer Tasya van Ree, who said: “A disposable camera—you have to respect composition and spontaneity first—then you can move on to the more expensive stuff.”

© Bianca Werner © Bianca Werner

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TEN ::: a collage exhibition and live painting

During their lives, German born artist Talissa Mehringer and Romanian artist Luiza Mogosanu have changed homelands various times, traveled extensively, and polished their artistic nerve in the U.S. and France respectively. Throughout life’s tribulations and many other dazzling adventures, both of them managed to hone an odd and unhinged skill: matching dark, biting sarcasm and humor from everyday words and situations. They met for the first time last spring at a group show in Berlin and went on to join forces for several events in the city.

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The Berlin Film Society Presents…Documentary Donnerstag

The Berlin Film Society has curated a unique programme of exemplary documentary films which explore topics as diverse as censorship, race, sexuality, cinematic history, collective and personal memory, war on drugs, and even the medium of filmmaking itself. The programme is intended to showcase significant new and archive films that deal with and communicate the addressed issues in creative, effective and imaginative ways. Ultimately, the programme will offer new perspectives in cinema and challenge the generally accepted views of society.

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Win 1×2 tickets for PURESQUE BUNKER | VISIONS & ART

We are happy to be giving away 1×2 tickets to Puresque|Bunker Visions with live painting presented by VAGE.

Puresque is a project that was founded in 2010 by the charismatic mixing wizzard Mocca and techno icon Paul Brtschitsch. Their first collaborative release “001a” made it directly onto an Ostgut Ton mix compilation. Soon after they started a residency at the legendary Tresor club, where they invited along well-selected guest acts such as James Ruskin, The Black Dog, Skudge, Terence Fixmer.

The duo then released their debut album Leitmotiv, which was charted and played by almost everyone in the techno elite, such as Adam Beyer, Ben Klock, Carl Cox, Carl Craig, Marcel Dettmann, and many more.

Now the duo has a new venture: The Bunker is a new residency in a special location, where Puresque & friends combine art exhibitions and techno music once a month.

This month features live painting by Alaniz, Dear Johnie & Talissa Mehringer. The event starts at 11:00 p.m. on March 23rd. Venue: Koepenicker Str. 18 – 20, 10997 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany Purchase tickets!

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Jen Blom: Triskele Literary Services

Reading Rocks Poster

Author Jennifer Blom is the founder of Triskele Literary Services, which is a Berlin-based literary company offering author visits, creative and writing workshops and school book fairs for children in Germany.  Jennifer is a long-time resident of Germany, in addition to being an award-winning children’s author and the mother of a bilingual child. With a constant supply of fresh book titles, comprehensive arrangements with book publishers and a warm, creative atmosphere for student development, Triskele aims to assist students and teachers with quality English books and experiences to make their foray into the world of words FUN.

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Super Mega Fun Awesome Party Time – Solo Exhibition with Cyrus Smith

I Draw A Lot. Photograph: Adrian Buendia

“Because fuck it, that’s why”

Cyrus Smith. Photograph: Heather Schmaedeke

When you first encounter the Super Mega Fun Awesome Party Time exhibit by artist Cyrus Smith your eyes dance along the walls moving from one piece to another. It’s hard to know where to begin and that’s the beauty of the exhibit, you can just follow your eyes wherever they lead you and let your attention settle for a moment before flitting off to the next piece. It’s not to say that the works in the exhibit aren’t coherent, they work together very well and the more you time you spend with the exhibit the more you find.  Rather than one linear thought, the exhibit works more like a seemingly random collection of thoughts that, at their core, are very much connected.

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Chris Glen

Spotlight on Buzz Club 84

Chris Glen. Photograph: Heather Schmaedeke

Looking for a way to unwind after a long week and even longer weekend?  Look no further than Buzz Club, tucked away in Kreuz-Kölln at Lagari.  Each week’s ever changing line-up promises something new and fresh.  Chris Glen and Tim Whelan host an entertaining evening of music, comedy and performance.

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Spotlight on Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary’s Cafe. Photograph: Heather Schmaedeke

Bloody Mary is a cozy café located in Kreuzberg that opened on the first of the year and feels like an extension of your own living room.  Mary is a multifaceted name with a variety of meanings… MARY – before 1000; Middle English Marie, Old English Maria < Late Latin < Greek < Hebrew Miryām Queen of George V of Great Britain and the mother of Edward VIII and George VI. A nick name for another homosexual. A prostitute. A lesbian. A muscly homosexual male, who obviously works out in a gym. A very beautiful girl both inside and out.

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