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Review on Georg Ettl at Jiri Svestka Gallery – Early works from 1960s and 70s

Jiri Svestka Gallery, a small gallery hidden on the 3rd floor in front of the Blain|Southern Gallery, is a fine gem. Since the 16th of September in the context of the Berlin Art Week, they opened their doors to the exhibition of Georg Ettl, a German artist born on 1940 who migrated to the US to return during the ’70 and whose artwork is very difficult to categorize due to his versatility. Read more »

Artconnect Berlin :: Review :: Tech Open Air Berlin 2014 © Solveig Maria Ebbinghaus 12

Review: The Unconference – TOA 2014

Yesterday we spent the day at TOA and we have to say that the overall experience was pretty satisfying. The space was amazing and very Berlin – totally destroyed but super cool. The building had it’s own special character and the space outside was amazing and full of hidden spots to sit and chat with absolute strangers.

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OM-D: Photography Playground: extended until the 2nd of June 2013

Numen / For Use artwork @ OM-D: Photography Playground © Júlia Marí Bernaus

We were at the OM-D: Photography Playground’s opening and we could simply not believe how much fun it was and how entertaining and beautiful the artworks were – honestly, a great idea to interact with the artworks and play around with them. If you were there, we bet you saw people jumping up and down in the Numen / For Use artwork, or got a bit silly yourself putting on a wig at Starstyling. Maybe you felt temporarily lost in time and space with Jeongmoon Choi’s installation or discovered how actually fascinating mould can be when it looks like a landscape in some kind of spaceship-artwork? Guys, it’s totally worth it 🙂

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Gallery Weekend 2013 – If you didn’t make it, we’ll tell you all about it.

Galerie Buchholz for Gallery Weekend 2013

We thought Gallery Weekend would be a total disaster since the thunder started pünktlich at 18h, but Berliners must be snails, because after some little rain, everyone came out.

Just the night before we met Jonathan and Rebecca, founders of the MMX and Co-Verlag and they asked us if they would find us in the Augustus Straße, apparently that’s what one has to do, just walk it up and down, check out the exhibitions and the people. And yes, who said the Gallery Weekend is really about the art? It seems like it is as important to pick the right outfit, flower bouquet and meet the right people?

And indeed there seems to be the right people out there for these special days; we had our own portion of interesting encounters! We bumped into Wowereit at Galerie Thomas Schulte and Silke Neumann at Galerie Crone – not bad for being in the outskirts of Augustus Straße… maybe it’s not the place to be anymore?

Since we know that many of you didn’t have the time – or maybe not the motivation to get out there to see sellable art? – we covered the whole Gallery Weekend for you and we visited every single gallery in the list – oh yes, hard work! We have uploaded it all on a special tumblr so you can check what you missed or maybe find the motivation to visit some work that you will discover through our one instagram picture and one vine video of each exhibition. Check our Gallery Weekend Tumblr.

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Renovating Garden! Barbecue time?

Photo by AHArchitekten

We rebuilt our garden! Now it’s a totally usable and beautiful space – maybe we could have the next Networking Breakfast there? Another Flohmarkt?

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TONIGHT Co-Verlag Grand Opening

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Co-Verlag in Berlin Mitte

111 and Co Verlag present “Various-Verschiedenes” The art and studio house Torstraße 111 and Co Verlag will unveil 2 new exhibition spaces featuring the work of James Bullough (Street art), Michael Ebert (Installation), Ingo Fröhlich (Drawing), Rebecca Loyche (Video) and Ulrike Seyboth (Painting)….

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Networking Breakfast #3 with George Ironside & Saana Inari

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Ruby Pester making pancakes at the Networking Breakfast #3 at Node. Photo: Jekaterina Avant-Hard.

PANCAKES!!! What else would you want to start a Networking Breakfast with?

Cozy NODE Center for Curatorial Studies hosted the last Networking Breakfast on the 9th of February – honestly, the best up to now! Just 30 people, a zig zag table encouraging them talk to each other, snow storm outside and delicious pancakes inside.

This time, no need to break the ice – clearly everyone who attends has a common goal: get to know other people…

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