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Event Of The Week: kmtemporaer: surplus living

Mall of America, 2009. video, 12:52 © Josephine Meckseper,courtesy of Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York

kmtemporaer will open its doors for a new exhibition this Friday, 14th of March. As in their last exhibitions, the art works are dedicated to topics of contemporary culture. We are very curious about 18 artistic positions questioning art in the context of capitalism and consumer culture under the title “surplus living”.

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Francisco Montoya Cázarez "The Golden Apple“ / 2013

New Atlantis at km temporaer

Francisco Montoya Cázarez “The Golden Apple“ / 2013

We are very happy to announce the newest exhibiton at km temporaer. This time the young curators Elisa R.Linn, Lennart Wolff and Judith Lavagna will present eleven artists who are showing their own utopic positions and artistic reflections about societies of the future. If you want to see their futuristic visions, come to the opening this Friday in Kremmener Str. 8a!

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Alpha Bravo, Shane Sutton

Spotlight on Shane Sutton

Alpha Bravo, Shane Sutton

We are very happy to present the winners of our #3 Open Call for Painters! After touching base with our first winner, Nina de Felice, we interviewed our second winner Shane Sutton. Shane is an artist, filmmaker and arts facilitator from Ireland who likes to paint moments in the urban landscape and astronauts. Find out more about him in our Spotlight Interview. Read more »

Nina de Felice, Mom Says

Spotlight on Nina de Felice

Nina de Felice,”Momma Says Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees”, Oil Paint on Paper

We have two winners for our recent #3 Open Call for Painters. One of the two artists who won a Video Spotlight made by IkonoTV and an exclusive Spotlight Interview on our blog is Nina de Felice, a young painter from the United States. After graduating from the Corocan College in Washington D.C., she moved to Berlin and is now living and working here. Read more »

it's a nice day for a....white wedding.
Sugar Crystals grown on neon tubing, 2011

Spotlight on Sadie Weis

Sugar Crystals grown on neon tubing, 2011

Are you ready for 48 Stunden Neukölln and our exhibition “Reality Swap – The Alternative Status Quo”? You don’t have to wait much longer, because it will start tomorrow!!! One of the participating artists is Sadie Weis. She does pretty cool art stuff: sculptures that look like melting wax or rocks, which are decorated with all sorts of shiny material, such as plastic figures, feathers, neon-lights and colorful crystals. But so you don’t have to keep waiting, you can see some examples of her work in our Spotlight interview and read about Sadie’s interest in different materials and her ideas for 48 Stunden Neukölln.

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Photo from the series "Sweet Rebellion", London 2012

Spotlight on Sonja Trabandt

Photo from the series “Sweet Rebellion”, London 2012

During this year’s 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival Artconnect Berlin will show the exhibition “Reality Swap – the alternative Status Quo“. We will present six artistic positions regarding the topic of the Festival: “A Change of Perspective”. Before the show commences, we’ve put some questions to the participants, who are Dariuz Fronczak, Erica Smith, Laura Gianetti & Daniele Jost, Ralf Obergfell, Sadie Weis and Sonja Trabandt. Read more »

(n)on site at kmtemporaer

Julian Charrière / Panorama / ongoing

We are very happy to announce the latest exhibtion at kmtemporaer, in Kremmener Straße 8a near Nordbahnhof.  Two young curators, Elisa R. Linn and Lennart Wolff, collected eleven artistic positions which deal with a quite contemporary topic: digital mapping. Come to the opening of “(n)on site” tomorrow and see a great show of (digital) artists and map-art!

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Spotlight on Oliver Parzer

Sourrounded by Nothing but Our Own Imagination, Photo: Oliver Parzer

We are very happy to have ikonoTV among our beloved mediapartners and are excited about showcasing of two of our platform members in a Video Spotlight!

The winners of the Open Call for photographers we announced yesterday. Read more »