cherry blossom festival-Paper-Japan-2nd half of 17th century-Photography_ Axel Schneider-© Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art

Review on “Secret Compartments” at the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art

By Lisa Kärcher and Manuel Reinhard

“Secret Compartments” at the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art shows in a compelling way that art is able to offer something because it holds back much more. What does it reveal? What does it conceal? And how does it – if at all – reveal what it conceals?

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Artconnect - abc 2015 - Marcelo Viquez - Kewenig © 2015

abc – art berlin contemporary 2015

The abc-art berlin contemporary was developed by Berlin galleries as a platform to present individual works of contemporary art in Berlin. The 8th edition of the art fair brought together over 100 galleries. See this year’s highlights captured by IG Photography. Read more »

Artconnect - Agora

Art Cafes You Should Visit in Berlin

Some people take their coffee with milk, others with sugar. We like ours with an exciting event program and some art on the side.  Thankfully Berlin has a lot to offer in this department. Take a look at Artconnect’s favourite art cafes, bars and restaurants that really embrace the creativity in Berlin. Read more »

Artconnect - Review on Sami Contemporara at the Nordic Embassy - nger Blix Kvammen-Memory Kap Kanin-2008-2013 © Kvammen

Review on Sámi Contemporary at the Nordic Embassies

The Sámi Contemporary exhibition in Berlin offers a magnificent outlook on northern art with the question of cultural identity within the contradiction of the traditional Sámi culture and modern world as the central motif. It also shows that there is no generally applicable definition of Sámi Culture.

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Artconnect - What is Adornisim - Get In Line - Hellzahaus

Adornisim – The Act of Over Decoration in Art

“Adornists of the world unite.” That’s how the manifesto of the art movement Adornisim starts. The involved Berlin-based artists are dealing with the over decoration in art and rebel against mass production and trends. But what does Adornisim exactly mean? We had a very first look at their manifesto.

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Artconnect - Review on Berlin Graphic Days 2015 - Photo by Jill Blackmore Evans - 2

Review on Berlin Graphic Days 2015

From Friday July 1st to Sunday August 2nd, the sixth installment of Berlin Graphic Days 2015 took over the Urban Spree. This time, the low-key art fair featured over 70 local artists. We hung out there with a camera all Saturday afternoon. Here’s what we saw.

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Artconnect - Review on 'Radically Modern' at Berlinische Galerie - © Heinrich KuhnSabine Krüger, Repro Isabell Kanthak

Review on “Radically Modern” at Berlinische Galerie

How did Berlin end up looking the way it does now? The Berlinische Galerie’s current exhibition, Radically Modern: Planning and Building in 1960s Berlin uses archival films, architectural designs, scale models and contemporary art to answer that question, creating a time capsule of urban planning and design in 1960s Berlin. Read more »

A Clear View

Top Artschools in Berlin

We all know that Berlin is an internationally recognized creative center, hosting some of the best artists and exhibitions. Where is this creative potential developed, though? To answer this question, we decided to take a look at the artists before the spotlights and the big shows, and go back to school. Here we present you the top Artschools in Berlin, or else said where the young creative minds are expanded.

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