Orchestral Manoeuvres: Andy Leomar’s Symphoniacs

Berlin is a city of contrasts. Cultures, people and ideas all jostle for space, rub up against each other, and occasionally clash. It’s an atmosphere that allows experimentation and creativity to bloom, for new concepts to be born.

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Mele de la Yglesia

Spotlight on Mele de la Yglesia

Mele de la Yglesia is a Spanish artist from the south of Spain, Cadiz. She moved years ago to Berlin and as it happened to many of us in Berlin, life happened to her and ended up growing a family and staying in the city. At Artconnect we first met Mele at the very beginning of the platform, around 2011. Now, we are collaborating to sell some of her exclusively produced artworks for our new shop. Read more »


Spotlight on Irene Cruz


Starting this December, Artconnect is launching it’s new online shop, with artworks created exclusively for us from some of our favourite artists of the network. Our first artist has been Irene Cruz, a Spanish photographer who moved to Berlin looking for the light she almost never found in sunny Spain.

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Oddcity Episode One: Ofen Bar and the Sound of Silence


“Overland Originals have teamed up with Grover and LOLA Magazine to present a new online video series that reveals the quirky and unique side of Berlin. Over the course of the next six weeks new episodes will be unveiled that cover everything from Germany’s first Vogueing house to a service that will deliver a string quartet directly to your house party. The first episode tells the story of Dario Calfapierta, an Italian-native who found a creative solution to deal with the noise complaints in his live music bar in Neukölln.” Read more »


Waves, Sand, and Sunlight: Elizabeth McTernan on Mapping as Storytelling


Elizabeth McTernan is a cartographer. Not in the traditional sense, but her artistic practice consists of intricate mappings of everything from the patterns of waves at the Baltic Sea, to the intensity of sunlight, to the ‘Death Zone’ in the Himalayas. At once scientific and diaristic, her solo show Altitude Sickness at Horse and Pony Fine Arts approaches the study of territory and terrain through the lens of a storyteller – collapsing, reinterpreting and reimagining what a map can be.

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Arthouse -A guided tour around Weißensee's art commune 'Kunstlerhaus Parkstraße'

A guided tour around Weißensee’s art commune ‘Künstlerhaus Parkstraße’


On first glance, Weißensee may look like the place where the young and hip – tired of the tourist trap that has become their favourite coffee roaster, or the listless stupor of a post-Berghain Sunday – go to quietly start families and settle themselves into a routine, saving their celebrations for summer BBQs and ‘Spargelzeit’. But Weißensee, though undoubtedly giving off a small-town vibe, ought not be dismissed as another small East German district. Read more »

Artconnect - Spotlight on Rio Leipold - Canada

Spotlight on Rio Leipold

The purity of ordinary days in memories provide the photography of ’Alltag tourist’ Rio Leipold its uniqueness, remarkable honesty and beauty. His passion for the beauty of everyday world of travel and the unexpected has turned out to be his main source of inspiration.

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It’s October; Time for the European Month of Photography and Germanys largest festival for photography. Since 2004, it has been a biannual event taking place in Berlin. The idea was born from a European network of festivals dedicated to the medium of photography. Read more »

Artconnect-Review-on-Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin – Wu Tsang – Still of A Day in the Life of Bliss- Photo by Darja-Zub

Review on ‘World on Wire’ – Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin

In June, Julia Stoschek opened a temporary satellite exhibition in Berlin. With ‘World on Wire’ (Welt am Draht), the collector from Düsseldorf Stoschek fascinates Berlin with an outstanding media show devoted to exploring the influences of digitalization on society and what we know as reality, identity, and the environment.  Read more »


Spotlight on Frank Höhne in collaboration with iGNANT

For those who still don’t know Frank Höhne, we would like to introduce you to his funny and unconventional illustrations. Frank Höhne is a Berliner illustrator working and living in Kreuzberg and one of the most recognised German illustrators working today. He often works with magazines and newspapers such as Die Zeit, Stern Neon, Dummy or Vice. He is well established in the creative Berliner scene and does collaborations with clubs like the Watergate or animated videos for the berliner punk band “Die Ärzte”. Read more »