Artconnect - Studio Visit -  Patrick Henne - Photo by Catalina Pérez López-6

Studio Visit @ Patrick Henne

We visited Patrick Henne and he is truly one of those artists whose paintings stay on your mind. The mix between dark old master’s style, pop culture and flashy bright colors is worth it to take a closer look. That’s why photographer Catalina Pérez López visited him in his studio to not only document his creative environment but also join the genesis of his paintings.

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Artconnect Berlin_Christmas Card_2015

Merry Christmas Artconnect Berliners!

Dear Artconnect Berliners,

We have to give you a massive “thank you” for all your love and support with your great profiles, artworks, Facebook likes, retweets and feedback in general. We haven’t stopped growing! For next year, we have bigger projects starting and we are really looking forward to share them with you, so don’t loose track of us during 2015! We will be back the 5th of January with our batteries charged!

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