Artconnect - Spotlight on Jorge Manes Rubio - Normal Pool Level - 2

Spotlight on Jorge Mañes Rubio

Jorge Mañes Rubio is a Spanish artist, TED fellow and “perpetual tourist” whose passion for travelling has turned out to be an essential source of inspiration for his art. His works tell us stories about the world and reflect his aim of making art that is relevant and has a positive impact in the mind of people.

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Die Große Reise

Your Artconnect Weekend!

It’s summer and we know that it is the perfect time for partying so we have selected three cool events to go shake some hips at. Still it won’t be Artconnect if we don’t include an exhibition or a performance so we put some of that in the mix as well, but come on we know you like those stuff. Enjoy Your Artconnect Weekend! Read more »

Artconnect - Review on Sami Contemporara at the Nordic Embassy - nger Blix Kvammen-Memory Kap Kanin-2008-2013 © Kvammen

Review on Sámi Contemporary at the Nordic Embassies

The Sámi Contemporary exhibition in Berlin offers a magnificent outlook on northern art with the question of cultural identity within the contradiction of the traditional Sámi culture and modern world as the central motif. It also shows that there is no generally applicable definition of Sámi Culture.

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Artconect - Staff Picks #52 - Katarina Belkina - Fly - 2010

Staff Picks #52

This week’s Staff Picks selection is characterized by sensation, motion and lightness. The chosen works couldn’t be much more different, but they provoke a weightless visual effect. By staging the female body, using fine textiles and transparent effects, or showcasing a detail of an organic-formed building, the works somehow seem to switch-off the gravity for a moment.

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Artconnect - Event of the Month - Project Space Festival 2015 - General Public at nGBK - What the f**k is a project space?

Project Space Festival Berlin 2015

We are glad to present you a great chance to get some daily inspiration this August in Berlin! The Project Space Festival Berlin has launched its second edition and invites you on a month-long trip through Berlin’s independent art scene. Find out with us what this festival is exactly about. Read more »

Artconnect - Spotlight on kulturspace - tous

Spotlight on kulturspace

kulturspace is a collective of designers, storytellers and strategists from all over the world and they are doing great work. We wanted to get to know this team of enthusiastic creatives and find out more about their vision and their non-profit programme. We met up with LA native Founder and Creative Director, Justin Merino, read more.

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Artconnect - What is Adornisim - Get In Line - Hellzahaus

Adornisim – The Act of Over Decoration in Art

“Adornists of the world unite.” That’s how the manifesto of the art movement Adornisim starts. The involved Berlin-based artists are dealing with the over decoration in art and rebel against mass production and trends. But what does Adornisim exactly mean? We had a very first look at their manifesto.

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Artconnect - Lottery - Druck Berlin (7)

Win 2×1 Spots for Druck Berlin Workshops

DRUCK Berlin is here to freshen your summer with the best of screen printing. This year’s edition of the festival will be held at Urban Spree between the 14th and the 16th of August. Two of you can win one ticket to attend a workshop and get hands on experience in screen printing. Read more! Read more »

Artconnect - Awesome Opportunity - Designtage Brandenburg - Markt Copyright Melanie Köcher (3)

Awesome Opportunity: Brandenburg Design Days

Are you a designer looking to gain more exposure of your works? We have something for you. Until the 15th of August you can apply to exhibit at the annual Brandenburg Design Days festival, which will take place in November. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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