Dancing by Diana Beltran Herrera

Staff Picks # Sculpture Edition

The sculpture. One word, diverse forms. What exactly do we know about this subject of art, how do we integrate it in our life and what does it express of our very inside? Delighted by the current exhibition ‘Giacometti-Nauman’ in the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE in Frankfurt, we started to wonder how our Community artist are dealing with this subject. The result  is as virtuous as the subject of art sculpture itself, its materiality, expression and form. Get inspired by this weeks Staff Pics #Sculpture Edition. Read more »


Staff Picks # Sea & Beach Edition

The sea has something that wakes up contradictory feelings in many of us; some of us fear it, some of us love it, some of us can’t live without it. Here in Berlin we don’t have sea, many off us leave because some how, we miss it, and some others, we just long it forever and have a romantic relationship to it.

Browsing through Artconnect.com we came along many artworks talking about the sea. For those who miss the sea, this Staff Picks will make you nostalgic. Maybe you want to write on the comments what you miss more of it?

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Arthouse -A guided tour around Weißensee's art commune 'Kunstlerhaus Parkstraße'

A guided tour around Weißensee’s art commune ‘Künstlerhaus Parkstraße’


On first glance, Weißensee may look like the place where the young and hip – tired of the tourist trap that has become their favourite coffee roaster, or the listless stupor of a post-Berghain Sunday – go to quietly start families and settle themselves into a routine, saving their celebrations for summer BBQs and ‘Spargelzeit’. But Weißensee, though undoubtedly giving off a small-town vibe, ought not be dismissed as another small East German district. Read more »


Staff Picks! # Blue Edition

Are you hoping for this spring to enjoy a bright, blue sky and warm rays of sunlight as much as I do? Then let the artworks in our Staff Picks! # Blue Edition delight your eyes and improve your mood – as long as this gloomy weather doesn’t fulfil your wishes. Keep on uploading your beautiful projects on our network, we are looking forward to present them in our next blogposts!

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Staff Picks! # City- and Landscapes Edition

The photographs in this Staff Picks! # City- and Landscapes Edition evoke a sense of stillness, yet fatality, that will enchant your eyes and lead you to think further in the back of your minds. The interest in human presence within the environment bonds these five photographers’ representations, as well as their attempt in portraying distinctive perceptions of space, time and their relationship to each other. Open your eyes and your mind to these fine and suggestive pictures! Read more »

Artconnect - Spotlight on Rio Leipold - Canada

Spotlight on Rio Leipold

The purity of ordinary days in memories provide the photography of ’Alltag tourist’ Rio Leipold its uniqueness, remarkable honesty and beauty. His passion for the beauty of everyday world of travel and the unexpected has turned out to be his main source of inspiration.

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Artconnect Berlin - Staff Picks! #Hidden Eyes edition - Rian Davidson - Daniela

Staff Picks! # Secret Edition

They say our eyes are the mirror of our soul: in this Staff Picks! # Secret edition, a shade of mystery keeps us from understanding and coming closer to these souls, whose eyes are hidden from us. The portraits of these five artists will encourage you to imagine which secrets might be sheltered behind these fleeting glances. Keep on sharing your projects on the network, we are looking forward to be amazed by more of your artworks!

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Review on Georg Ettl at Jiri Svestka Gallery – Early works from 1960s and 70s

Jiri Svestka Gallery, a small gallery hidden on the 3rd floor in front of the Blain|Southern Gallery, is a fine gem. Since the 16th of September in the context of the Berlin Art Week, they opened their doors to the exhibition of Georg Ettl, a German artist born on 1940 who migrated to the US to return during the ’70 and whose artwork is very difficult to categorize due to his versatility. Read more »



It’s October; Time for the European Month of Photography and Germanys largest festival for photography. Since 2004, it has been a biannual event taking place in Berlin. The idea was born from a European network of festivals dedicated to the medium of photography. Read more »

Artconnect-Review-on-Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin – Wu Tsang – Still of A Day in the Life of Bliss- Photo by Darja-Zub

Review on ‘World on Wire’ – Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin

In June, Julia Stoschek opened a temporary satellite exhibition in Berlin. With ‘World on Wire’ (Welt am Draht), the collector from Düsseldorf Stoschek fascinates Berlin with an outstanding media show devoted to exploring the influences of digitalization on society and what we know as reality, identity, and the environment.  Read more »