Limited Chaos




“I always say that to draw for me is to find the peace, to find the time for myself, to travel deep into my thoughts without being distracted. I love the whole process, I love to find the right papers, to see how the drawing grows from nothing (I normally draw without any pre-sketch), to find new elements and make them fit all together, trying to create an abstract harmony.”

Something that is particularly interesting about Mele’s drawings is how spontaneous they are and how not spontaneous they look. When you see such complex shapes, you wonder how she does it. You would imagine she does some previous drawings, but she actually doesn’t. The most she does is to do some very very light geometrical shapes with pen on a piece of paper and she starts almost directly with the ink pen. And there it’s all about concentration and letting it go. She draws for hours non-stop, listening to music under a spotlight on her drawing table. One imagines that she probably gets bored to death while drawing these thousands of lines, dots and circles, but to her is a form of meditation and decompressing.

I once asked her if she is not scared of committing mistakes and she gave me such a simple answer, that it made me realize how she carries her culture deep inside of her and helps her navigate through life in a smooth and easy way. She said “If I commit a mistake, I somehow fix it and keep on going. So is also life. Mistakes are not the end, they are just a little bump in the path. My mistakes are all integrated in my art”.



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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 60 x 15 cm