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Review: What a nice dinner with IheartBerlin and Qozy!

What a nice dinner with IheartBerlin and Qozy! Last weekend we were invited by IheartBerlin to celebrate their 7th Birthday at the Iheartberlin HQ with a nice dinner served by Qozy branded under the name Seven Suppers. From September 28th til October 7th IheartBerlin prepared 7 different food events for their fans, readers and friends. Happily we got an invitation for the delicious vegan dinner.

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1st Anniversary – Artconnect Berlin Birthday Review!

Two weeks after celebrating our first birthday with an endless amount of events and activities, we’re still feeling the effects of it and what it means for us as a company.

Although we had been working tirelessly for weeks before our first anniversary, the event officially began on Thursday the 9th of August. With all the wonderful artworks donated by over 60 artists, we were able to hold an exhibition at our Boddinstraße 62 headquarters. The rooms were covered wall-to-wall with works of all different types from artists of completely different backgrounds including paintings, photographs, sculptures, and videos. Many people came by to check out the large range of artworks, while others scoped out certain works for Saturday’s fundraising auction. The opening went on later than anticipated with many people hanging around to chat with some of the artists that were in attendance, and others talking among themselves on our wonderful street.

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Artconnect Berlin’s 1st Anniversary Fundraising Auction

Reynold Reynolds for ARTCONNECT BERLIN’s Fundraising Auction

Although it seems like it was only yesterday that the idea for ARTCONNECT BERLIN was born, we will soon be celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary at our Headquarters on the 10th of August, 2012! For this exciting event we will turn our offices on Boddinstraße into a multimedia exhibition featuring exceptional artists from our community, well known international musicians, and plenty of beer, pizza, pie, and pancakes!

In just under a year we’ve gone from a few hopeful volunteers and artists to a comprehensive and diverse network of over 2,200 users from vastly different backgrounds. This has all been possible because of our wonderful volunteers and the unparalleled willingness and eagerness of the creative community of Berlin.

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2 Years. 100 Exhibitions. 1 Auction. Neonchocolate Gallery art auction at the .HBC

Enrico Nagel: Isolde

Tonight (March 8th) from 7pm until midnight is the exhibition COMPRESSED – a collection of one hundred handpicked works of urban art, painting, photography, illustration, collage and design will culminate in a live auction at the HBC organised by Neonchocolate Gallery. In the last two days one had the possibility to look up the artworks in the exhibition curated by Oliver Thoben and Uwe Neu in cooperation with Kat Wilhelm. The exhibition captures the essence of those nights in the past two years of Neonchocolate’s existence, as 41 national and international artists and art collectives who among them is Nick Gentry, Sven Marquardt and Mario Wagner displaying a collection of 60 works in the most diverse variety of styles…

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