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2 Years. 100 Exhibitions. 1 Auction. Neonchocolate Gallery art auction at the .HBC

Enrico Nagel: Isolde

Tonight (March 8th) from 7pm until midnight is the exhibition COMPRESSED – a collection of one hundred handpicked works of urban art, painting, photography, illustration, collage and design will culminate in a live auction at the HBC organised by Neonchocolate Gallery. In the last two days one had the possibility to look up the artworks in the exhibition curated by Oliver Thoben and Uwe Neu in cooperation with Kat Wilhelm. The exhibition captures the essence of those nights in the past two years of Neonchocolate’s existence, as 41 national and international artists and art collectives who among them is Nick Gentry, Sven Marquardt and Mario Wagner displaying a collection of 60 works in the most diverse variety of styles…

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