Ramiro Davaro-Comas is an Argentinian-American painter and illustrator who bases much of his work on character studies and depictions. His dark and humorous surrealistic work taunts the viewer, and invites them to step into this playful yet obscene world of funny characters and backgrounds.
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27.04.2012 Artconnect Berlin loves KalinkaKalinka #1 Blogger Fleamarket
At our new office space Artconnect Berlin provided Kalinka Kalinka with room for the first Blogger Fleamarket. We had fourteen bloggers from Berlin, selling their most precious fashion belongings and great Music by the Finding Berlin Crew. The amazing video was realised by Robin Thomson!

22.04.2012 Jewelry Trunk Show
An Artconnect Berlin event organised by Amber Guru. Sleek designs of handmade jewelry and fashion of local and international designers showed by the designers themselves in a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Just beautiful…

27.03.2012 Ryoji Ikeda exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof
Artconnect Berlin and Castor & Pollux wanted to get to the bottom of Ikeda’s art and his exhibition “db” at Hamburger Bahnhof in particular and asked its curator Dr. Gabriele Knapstein for an interview. The impressive video was then realised in partnership with MidSide.

03.02.2012 Transmediale 2012
Artconnect Berlin once again teamed up with MidSide and Micha Samolenko to bring you some impressions from the one week Festival. The aim of the Transmediale in 2012 was to find the balance between being compatible and incompatible. To find a way to produce thinking and acting in a new way for society, it’s culture and politics. These issues, future possibilities and ways to discuss were debated on panels with scientists, hackers, activists and media archaeologists throughout the whole festival at different places.

10.01.2012 Tomás Saraceno “Cloud Cities” at Hamburger Bahnhof
The first solo exhibition in Germany “Cloud Cities” by the Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno shows about twenty pieces which are floating in the wide historic hall of Hamburger Bahnhof. Artconnect Berlin asked curator Dr. Katharina Schlüter in partnership with MidSide to give a statement on the concept behind the exhibiton and his work.

17.10.2011 Stroke Urban Art Fair
Contemporary art is something that comes from every day life: streets, buildings, work, relationships. And it is hard to judge it, because everyone experiences the daily routine in his very own way. Stroke Art Fair was offering 2 floors of modern urban art and wooden boards outside the building which were filled in real time. Artconnect Berlin did a contest  for 6 street artist from the platform to collaborate in one exquisite corpse artwork. Once again Artconnect Berlin collaborated with our dear MidSide to bring you some impressions of the Fair. Featuring a comment by Matthias Planitzer of Castor & Pollux and an overview of what Artconnect Berlin is and did by Ben Dressel.

03.10.2011 Free Ideas @ Makerplatz
As part of MAKERPLATZ (originally Moritzplatz) Artconnect Berlin was interacting with Berliners, visitors and kids, in order to help exchange FREE IDEAS! Our concept was simple and joyful – you write your idea of any kind ona piece of paper, put it into the ball and take someone else’s from the ball. Besides, participants could leave their name and an e-mail address for future contacts and idea realisation!

19.09.2012 The era of social artists
Artconnect Berlin‘s very own Rica Amaral gave an interview to Club Office during Social Media Week on what we do and how social media changes the way artists, their public and the artistic community communicate and work with the web.

Artconnect Berlin took part in a panel discussion at Social Media Week relating to artists and the way they use social media. Nowadays in order to succeed artists need to have that entrepreneurial streak, which today consists of a good measure of internet know-how and a great deal of social media savviness. The panel wanted to open a discussion on the role social media skills plays in the production of artistic work and tried to discuss about the effect it has on the artists artistic and economic value. Members of the panel were Julia Mari Bernaus Founding Director of Artconnect Berlin, Julia Schmitz Online Editor of KUNST Magazin, Mirko Nowak Head of Communications of C/O BERLIN and Eva Kaczor Private Curators. The discussion was moderated by Matthias Planitzer of Castor & Pollux

09.06.2011 ikonoTV @ Launching Party
For our Launching Party Artconnect Berlin asked for submissions of video artists whos works were shown during the event. ikonoTV, a Berlin based production company dedicated to making visual arts, covered the party and made a selection of the videos submitted for their website.

30.04.2011 On the Street #1
Artconnect Berlin was on the 29th of May giving away free ideas in balloons with the intention to connect people.

What could Artconnect be?

Artconnect Berlin is a networking platform with the aim to become the online core of the creative community in Berlin, facilitating the flow of information, contact, ideas, jobs and services, promoting the development of artistic projects in Berlin.


Video descriptions: Anna Nike Sohrauer

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