100 Grad Festival Berlin 2012

From the 23th till the 26th February HAU123 and SOPHIENSÄLE invite for the ninth annually taking place Festival of Free Theater called 100 Grad Berlin. Four days of theater, performance, music and live art madness non stop, to be shown hourly…

WIR SIND NIE DA "Pilotprojekt". Photo: Jonathan Beneteau

Oezlem Demirci"Baeume in den Wald tragen" Photo: Oezlem Demirci

This means an open stage for more than 130 free theater- and performance-productions and over 1000 participating artists, who are free in the choice of their genre and media, without any rules and curation. Which is a bold unique concept, open for anyone tough enough to storm the scene and to be on time with an application till the deadline!

Nina Jan and Ursa Sekirnik "Arriving.Soon." Photo: Joze Pristavec joze.pristavec@gmail.com

Grenzkollektiv "Weltrettungsauftrag" Photo: bellabellinsky

Amongst the others to be seen there are the students of sound studies at UDK, who will perform on Sunday, 27th February at 7pm with “Sonic Scream Scape”.

Members of MicaMoca collective will be at 100° Berlin on 25th & 26th February to share their experience and discuss future possibilities. You can find them in HAU 1 Foyer on
Saturday from 5pm to 8pm and on Sunday from 6pm to 8pm. Some of MicaMoca related artists have made it into the season schedule of the 100°-Festival, Anna Nowicka (Thursday Feb 23, 10pm HAU 3), Claire Vivianne Sobottke/Jule Flierl (Sunday Feb 26, 4pm HAU 3) and  Thomas Proksch (Saturday Feb 25, 11pm HAU 2). And there are many many other artists, performances and collectives to discover…

Christian Fischer/ weristjack.de"4 Uhr 48: >> ANDERS* | Preview" Photo: Antonio Perez Fernandez

Between the houses there is a shuttle bus service available. Best shows are to be nominated by a young jury and will be presented in the houses on March 13th-14th in Sophiensäle and later in Hebbel am Ufer.

Christian Weiss/Verena Wilhelm"Fire and forget - Beta Version" Photo: EMILIEN LEONHARDT www.yes-pictures.com

Daily Ticket is 16/reduced 11 EURO
Festival Pass 44/reduced 28 EURO
For more information click on the program!
There is a continously updated Festival blog! You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook!
More information on the homepage of Sophiensaele and Hebbel am Ufer!