Notes of Berlin BOOK LAUNCH: Joab Nist “Wellensittich entflogen – Farbe egal!”

One can find them on trees, street intersections, black boards in supermarkets and universities, street lamps, hallways, bus stops and doors in Berlin. Until now only readers of the well-known blog Notes of Berlin could enjoy these curious notes.

Joab Nist, editor of Notes of Berlin, has finally released his first book with the best “Notes of Berlin”. Exceptional notes of all kinds – announcements and protests, notes that talk about love, lost pets, thief warnings, Döner cook ads, lost beloved objects, complaints about neighbors having sex without curtains, creative apartment searches, cats with three legs, football and dog haters were documented in photographs. The book documents all the dreams, meanings, opinions, needs, and absurdities from everyday life in Berlin…

Notes of Berlin represents the social reality in Berlin, the character of the city, and how people live together in this concrete jungle – a special insight into Berlin’s city life. A collection of things anyone can find on the street to make you smile. It shows how people in Berlin communicate with each other through simple notes. On these collected notes you can find the social language of Berlin, how Berlin communicates with its own language. Whoever finds an interesting note can send it to and be part of the project. The funniest submissions are shown in the blog and on their Facebook page.

Since October 2010, Joab Nist has published all these finds on his popular website – an homage to all notes of Berlin. Now digital turns analog and becomes the perfect present to all Berlin lovers and fans! On 208 coloured pages one finds the best of Notes of Berlin with the title “escaped budgie  – no matter what colour”. Published by Ullstein for 9.99 Euro. Along with high quality pictures there are comments, background stories, and a new format of categorization.

ARTCONNECT BERLIN is very happy to present the BOOK LAUNCH of this fabulous project! We will celebrate it on Friday, the 29th of June at Boodinstraße 62, starting at 6pm. We will have free Wulle beer for the early birds, pizza, sweets, and an awesome concert called FREEDOM OR DEATH for you. There will also be a little exhibition of the best notes of Berlin! All fans of Notes of Berlin, especially those that have sent their own notes in the past, are invited to celebrate with us! Come over to discover the book and talk to its author Joab Nist!