ACB Events for the WEEKEND! Networking Brunch, Idrawalot, Berlin Art Link, Ori and many more…

Networking Brunch with Mindpirates
Now it’s time for one more from ours beloved NETWORKING BREAKFASTS! But this time we decided to move it to a Saturday, so more people from our community can come and transformed it in a BRUNCH! YUMMY YUMMY!

On our 11# NETWORKING B̶R̶E̶A̶K̶F̶A̶S̶T̶ BRUNCH we will have the guys from MINDPIRATES e.V., an artist group that works on aspects and issues of contemporary culture, sociology and ecology. The group has the approach to work independently and interdisciplinary. They combine challenging aesthetics, substantial examination and experiment with new forms of distribution, exposition and cooperation.

Ready for meeting new sparkling people from Berlin? Invite your friends, let’s spend a great saturday afternoon together with Mindpirates, Artconnect Berlin and some amazing Berliners! Dont forget to register here! We also have some other really nice events going on for this weekend! See them below and connect with them on Artconnect Berlin!



If you want to see your event in this weekly post, simply create a profile at Artconnect Berlin and put your event here. We hope you have a fun and exciting weekend and be sure to check back on Monday for our Monday Opportunity!