11# Networking Brunch with Mindpirates e.V.

This Saturday saw Artconnect Berlin’s ever popular networking breakfast turn into brunch – a very sensible idea, us creative types aren’t exactly renowned for our getting up skills…

After some delicious foodie offerings (the Artconnect pancake has now been honed into quite the delicacy) and some time getting to meet people, there was the usual introduction from the Artconnect team and then a group introduction; every person in the room saying a few words about themselves to help break the ice.

Networking Breakfast with Mindpirates. Photo: Steve Bauer

Then came the main event of the afternoon, a talk by three members from Mindpirates e.V.The group introduced themselves with a ‘theatrical trailer’ called Problema, dealing primarily with the problem of self inflicted human suffering, through war, arms struggles and the like; and asking the question of ‘Who are we in the 21st century?’.

Networking Breakfast with Mindpirates. Photo: Steve Bauer

They went on to explain that this amazing feat has taken two to three years because of all the research behind it, and that during this time they were based at Schlesisches Tor; before moving into a bigger work space nearby. This became their Projektraum , a space which they made into their own cultural, creative working area. They rented the space not knowing exactly ‘where they were going’ but started with weekly film nights to connect local and international film makers in Berlin, interested in potential collaborations.

Networking Breakfast with Mindpirates. Photo: Steve Bauer

Once their Problema film had been released in 2009 however the group’s focus changed, wanting to get more involved in ecological matters; and the project Holywood was a result of this.
The group then made a number of online publications elaborating on different and ecological themes such as the nuclear debate in Germany.
We found out that Mindpirates brings together different skills, a collective of talented artists and creatives from different fields. Although they are very interested in ecological topics they do not want this interest to define who they are, instead open to a much wider thought pool of concepts and topics.

Networking Breakfast with Mindpirates. Photo: Steve Bauer

The talk then went on to to discuss the jam sessions the collective regularly holds, a chance for creative discussion and collaboration whilst letting your hair down. They also discussed their summer project ‘Global Revolutions Local Contradictions’ and then tried made this an open platform by concentrating on the aesthetics of resistance in advertising. This concept sparked a heated mass debate – one brunch audience member pointing out that despite the Mindpirates good intentions they were still at the end of the day fuelling the capitalist machine by participating in an ad campaign; regardless of its message. Their counter argument that this at least was challenging the system in some way partly fell on deaf ears, and the question of whether it was the artist or the system who was being manipulated in this artist-corporate collocation scenario was not answered.

After this long discussion everyone was slightly restless to stretch their legs and air their views, and so after an outline of future plans including more artist residencies and all-important collaborations, the crowd was left to network and enjoy the rest of the bacon.

A great afternoon was had by everyone and lots of potential collaborations created in the mix – Mind pirates e.V. Would be proud! For more information about our next networking event check out our calendar of dates here .



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