#12 Networking Brunch with iHeart Berlin and Front Row Society

This time our delicious Networking Breakfast was sponsored by the dining platform PLOONGE and of course we invited two special guests: Frank Schröder, the founder of blog iHeartBerlin, and Florian Elsässer, founder of collaborative accessories label Front Row Society.

The result of one of their recent design collaborations was a collection of Kaleidoscopic Photo-printed scarves, which was revealed for iHeartBerlin’s 5th Birthday. After a plate of tasty breads, cheeses, pancakes etc. we started presenting ourselves to the group…

Networking Breakfast with iheartBerlin and Front Row Society. Photo: Linda Rosa Saal

Founder of Ploonge, Giuseppe Colucci, presented his dining platform which exists in Italy and has now entered Berlin. The idea is to meet people by sharing a meal with one another. Anyone can submit his or her own cooking event to the platform and people can join it. Then „Urberliner“ and founder of Front Row Society Florian Elsässer started to tell us what Front Row Society does and how their innovative design concept works. Any skilled designer can submit their artworks for regular design challenges, if their drafts pass a public vote and critique the works will finally be printed onto cotton & silk blend scarves.

Networking Breakfast with iheartBerlin and Front Row Society. Photo: Linda Rosa Saal

Each one has a label telling the individual story of origin. Frank tells us where the colourful scarf motif comes from. The image was taken at the Fashion Show, The Shit, hosted by Fashion Label Bonny Strangelabel. The model on the photoshop-modified image wears a bright coloured fake-fur suit as people used to wear in the 90’s at Techno events such as Loveparade.

Frank himself made his dreams come true, and nowadays is owner of his own avant-garde fashion organisation Designer Scouts. Additionally he has founded his own jewelery label, Carni , and iHeartBerlin of course. The latest collaboration of iHeartBerlin and Front Row Society made everyone’s heart beat faster. Especially the new collection of differently styled leggings are inevitable fashion must-haves and will be up in the online shop soon.

Networking Brunch with FRONT ROW SOCIETY and iHeartBerlin.
Photo: Linda Rosa Saal
Photo: Linda Rosa Saal

Frank and Florian showed us a booklet with the colourfully patterned garments. Florian made it clear that leggings are not just a girl’s thing: “I wear them myself sometimes. Last time it was at a photo shoot.” I wish he would have shown us how well they fit him at the Networking Breakfast!

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