Win 1×2 tickets for Braintheft live and Dubmarine vs Zeitgeist Sessions at ://about blank on THURSDAY!


We are happy to give away 1×2 tickets for Braintheft live at ://about blank on THURSDAY 20th December 2012! The only thing you have to do is leave a comment beneath the blog post. Braintheft are a live dub/dubstep band but they are so much more than that. Braintheft layer beautiful, emotive melodies over intense bass lines, samples and dynamic live drumming. With the heavy wobble of dubstep and the uplifting feeling of dub they play always live and in full force. This is definitely the sound of the future for dub music.

Braintheft formed in Berlin in 2008 and hail originally from Ireland and France. Giotto (drums/programming), Barthez (bass/synth/programming) and Matjö Pe (synth/keys/programming) are the talented trio that make the magic happen. They have just finished their new triple album, Berlintendo, with studio, live and remix modes.

I’ve already had the opportunity and pleasure of listening to it and I can tell you I was not disappointed – it’s super! I think that what makes these guys special is their experimental approach – the fact that they are a live band immediately puts them on another level – they are not just dub or dubstep. They have no boundaries and no rules and if so they would break them anyway.

This gig will be a celebration of their new album, the new EP ‘Pressure Drop’ (due out imminently) and of course, the end of the world as we know it. So go and see them on Thursday, you won’t regret it. These guys are really moving dub music to the next level. And I can promise you one thing – you won’t be able to stop from dancing.

THURSDAY 20th December 2012 at ://about blank

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Directly after Braintheft play on Thursday at ://about blank, the renowned Dubmarine crew will be taking over the controls with Forensics and El-B from Zeitgeist Sessions. It’s going to be a deep, dark journey straight into the heart of dubstep. Check out this exclusive mix by Forensics to get a feel for the mood of the night:

We are very excited to announce that whoever wins 1×2 Braintheft tickets will also win 1×2 tickets for the Dubmarine vs Zeitgeist Sessions! Twice the fun! This is going to be a night to remember.

Leave a comment below the blog post and you might be the lucky winner! Lottery is finishing THURSDAY at 4pm!



  • Crystel

    Love your music!

  • Sonja

    Love dupstep! WIN WIN WIN!

  • Octo

    anticipation :)

  • gro

    participation :)

  • Helge

    Me Me Me!

  • neeee

    emancipation :3

  • frau blau

    whoop whoop.

  • frau k

    inhalation ;)

  • Greg

    respect & schnaps

  • gina

    I wanna dance my feet off

    My theft is your brain

    These tickets – that’ s what I want to obtain !

    Hope to be the lucky one ;)

  • Jesse

    nice nice nice i wanna go go go to be dubbed dubbed dubbed

  • Ravnlord

    ich würdeals gewinner sogar extra bis nach berlin fahren !

  • i’m cash-strapped but need to be there…;)

  • frollein serb

    höre das album nur noch dauerschleife !

  • ültjenuss

    Hey Leute.. bin verwirrt. Ich würd gern auf das Konzert gehn, denn inzwischen gibt es kaum noch braintheft auftritte. aber bevor ich in den realitätsbeschleuniger gestiegen bin, um einen raum zeit sprung hierhin zu machen, hatte ich vergessen mich am interchromalen informationsamt nach gängigen zahlungsmitteln dieser zeit zu erkundigen.
    Wäre super, wenn ihr mir behilflich sein könntet, denn mein dimensionskontinuum schließt sich schon vor dem auftritt am 22. in leipzig…
    Danke !

  • Mil20

    Love their deep dub ! Would like to see them too !

  • Krysto

    Yeah! Let’s try to win!

  • Kyung