Creative Space: Desk In Loft Office (Rosenhöfe / Hackesche Höfe)

Artconnect Berlin, Creative Space, © Desk in Löft Bureau

This week’s Creative Space is from XIGN Movement: an interdisciplinary network with creatives, entrepreneurs and architects. They’re offering freelancers a nice and quiet work environment. Check it out!

-Loft office is centrally located,  Rosenhöfen (Hackesche Höfe)
-200m to U-Bahnhof Weinmeisterstraße/S-Bahnhof Hackescher Markt
-Big windows and skylight in western direction
-Bright room with 5m ceiling height and visible wooden structure
-Laser printer (colour + black and white)
-Cleaning staff
-Meeting table and ‘fatboy’/lazy bag corner
-Kitchenette with fridge and sink
-100Mbit/s Internet
-Landline phone und fax machine
-Museumsinsel, Monbijou Park, Hackesche Höfe and Spreeufer just a stone’s throw away – ideal for your midday break
– Shelf space to store documents

A desk costs 85 euros a month.


Artconnect Berlin, Creative Space, © Desk in Löft Bureau

XIGN Philosophy:

You can work in an actual co-working space. As a creative you have your portfolio of projects and clients. Working from the XIGN-movement office you continue those and also have the option to leverage from the competencies here in your projects. At the same time you have the freedom to take part in and shape new XIGN-movement projects. This is possible because of two fundamental things at XIGN-movement:

XIGN-movement is an interdisciplinary group of creative people within primarily design and media. With talented, professional and creative people within their fields we create and design products for a diverse group of clients. Working like this, we have shown that this is not only how to have most fun while working; it is also how to create the best results and quality for our clients. People work together in interdisciplinary manners and contribute with what they are best at and what is needed in the project. XIGN-movement brings it all together – based penthouse in the city center – and offers financial and legal support as well as project management competencies to bring the projects home.

Not only financials are the single point of evaluation when we choose and develop projects. We are ambitious and hard working, meaning spending many hours at the working place. Therefore, we also value something like lifestyle and engage in projects because it is fun and makes sense in our lives. We engage in a range of projects and see it as strength to span wide and be able to motivate many different people to engage with us. This is in our belief the most sustainable way to create business and where the right collaborative spirit rises. This way to think business has attracted an international group of talented people and we are well connected within many fields.

Artconnect Berlin, Creative Space, © Desk in Löft Bureau

Artconnect Berlin, Creative Space, © Desk in Löft Bureau  Artconnect Berlin, Creative Space, © Desk in Löft Bureau




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