Introducing: Eveline – The Electro-Pop Duo on Releasing Their Debut

Chance encounters can lead to the most remarkable places. Lisa Kögler and Jan Eric Markert first met at an esteemed music competition, hitting it off instantly. Now they are poised to release their debut EP with a headline show at Kantine am Berghain.

Lisa and Jan are an effervescent pair with an admirable work ethic. Both are still in the midst of their studies – Lisa at BIMM Berlin and Jan at Universite der Künst. Despite busy schedules they have managed to form a band, recruit excellent musicians and record their debut. This energy shines through the music of Eveline. It’s bright, pristine electro-pop with a distinct layer of soul. Lola meet with the duo to find out where they are coming from, where they are at, and where they are going.

And how did you begin to make music together?

L: When we started making music together it was hard for us because we were both living at our parents houses. We were an hour and a half from each other by train, and the train only ran twice a day. Since I moved to Berlin to study at BIMM it has been really, really easy.
J: We started with acoustic songs, just piano and voice, but we thought it had to be something more. Then we started getting electronic.
L: There are so many good singer-songwriters out there that you have to make something more specific or be different. We started composing more electronic music together because we were both into it and going to concerts together. We uploaded some demos and got some great feedback. Then we thought it would be cool to make a live set up, so we searched for some musicians who would be able to play with us at shows. When we’re live on stage we play with acoustic drums, electronic drums, and a saxophonist who sometimes plays guitar.

So tell us, how did Eveline get started?
Jan: Lisa and I first met at the Jugend Musiziert competition in Brandenburg. It’s a pretty big German competition for solo musicians. I was performing as a pianist and Lisa was performing as a pop vocalist. I heard her voice and instantly thought, ‘OK, we need to do a project together’.
Lisa: I noticed Jan because the other people participating in the competition were much older, so it was interesting that there was one guy around my age. Afterwards we talked. Jan complimented my singing and I said he played piano really well, but we didn’t exchange details.
J: I thought, ‘Oh no, I’ve heard this great voice, but how can I contact her?’ So I searched through the program for her name, and then searched the name on Facebook.
L: And then he just sent a friend request. I thought ‘Just a friend request, not even message?!’ So then I just messaged first.
J: [Laughs] Yeah, but it worked out well. There are so many situations where you meet people and think you could do something together, but they live in a different city, or you leave and then you forget about it.



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