Sell Art


Selection Process


We are open to possibilities – music, jewellery, furniture, fashion, books, artworks – if it’s creative and looks good, it’s a fit.

For the moment we are only selling from artists based in Germany, but please still apply if you are from somewhere else, we will eventually select artists based outside Germany.

We need beautiful and high resolution pictures, otherwise we will not be able to work with you.

You are a reliable person and will do your best to keep a good communication with us.

If you fill this criteria, please fill the application form!


Yay! You have been selected! And now what?



We get in touch with you.

We select together the works to sell on the shop.

We guide you through the price range – of course, you are the last one to decide about that.

You provide us with high quality pictures of your works and the specific information of each piece.


And once everything is clear…Let’s get legal



We draft a standard contract and both parties sign it.

Artconnect uploads the works on the shop.


♡ Sharing is caring ♡


If you are in Berlin, we meet up, get to know each other and take pictures of your creative process. If possible, we also make a short video.

We write a blog post about your work and we add it under each of your works.

We share your works & blog post through our media

You also share it through your social media – the more people see it, the better!


Whoop Whoop! Your work has been sold!


We send you as the details of the purchase ipso facto

You pack and ship the work at the speed of light – maybe add a personal note?

You send it through DHL, since each package has included a 500€ insurance! Wonderful, isn’t it?

You save your shipping ticket and take a picture, which you send to us with your smartphone, you know, just in case!

The buyer receives the work and opens it with a big smile.

You send us an invoice for the 75% + shipping costs.

We transfer to you.


But what if…

What if I am out of town when I receive an order?

Please notify us when you are out of town and you can’t ship your works. You should arrange it with a friend or family member to ship it for you during that period. If you can’t find anyone to do that for you, please let us know and we can find a solution.

What if the shipping costs are much higher than what I expected?

Before we sign the contract, you have to find out exactly how much each work is going to cost. After we agree on a shipping price for each size, if it costs more, it’s on you.

What if my work is lost or damage during the shipping?

The buyer can decide if they want to have a new one or get their money back.

Please make sure you keep your shipping receipt and that you send us a copy. DHL includes a 500€ insurance for all their packages.

What if the buyer wants to send it back?

In that case, the buyer has 2 weeks to send the product back. They will be charged for the shipping costs but the rest of the money will be sent back. The buyer should also cover the return shipping.

Once I sell my works on Artconnect, can I still sell them somewhere else?

Those editions and limited artworks that we have agreed on selling on Artconnect, will be exclusively sold on Artconnect.

And what about the subject taxes?

When you write us an invoice, you should add 7% to the artworks amount, but not to the shipping amount.

Will you still write a blog post about us, if it’s only 1 piece?

Section 4 is applicable for all artists, but in some cases it might happen that we have already written a blog post about you, or it’s only one piece. We will have to discuss what kind of promotion we make for your work, but you will always somehow be promoted – count on that!

I would like to negotiate the percentage because I find it too high.

If you find our percentage too high, we are sorry, but we can’t negotiate that.



Any more doubts or questions?

Write us to