Berlin U-Bahn


Photography by Claudio Galamini.
Book design and production by kulturspace.


Printed in Germany & United States of America.
First printing, 2016.

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“I believe whoever lives, has lived, or was ever visiting a big city, has memories related to subway stations. And if the memories are connected to very colorful stations, even better.”

A native of italy, Claudio Galamini was captivated by the seemingly endless spectrum of designs and fonts decorating the Berlin U-Bahn network. As an avid explorer and photographer, his work has amassed a strong following on Instagram, leading to the creation of this visual documentary.

If you ever wanted to travel back in time to relive Berlin’s richly chequered history, you just need to immerse yourself in the pages of “Berlin U-Bahn” by Claudio Galamini. A photographic documentary of the entire U-Bahn network, the book narrates the evolution of Berlin’s metro system through photos dedicated to each station’s design elements. Spanning all 173 stations in the network, the shots capture each platform devoid of people so the viewer can fully appreciate the expressive colours, typography and ambient aspects.

The largest underground network in Germany transporting more than 530 million passengers a year, the Berlin U-Bahn is rarely free of heaving crowds, making this a memorable homage to the architects of this fascinating system. Now you can journey through Berlin’s colourful history at the flick of a page.