Sell Art

On our shop we offer exclusive works; only originals and limited editions of hand selected artists like you. However, not all artists on the shop are selected to be part of the subscription.


For the moment we are only selling from artists based in Germany, but please still apply if you are from somewhere else, we will eventually select artists based outside Germany.


Art Subscription


Selection Process


We are open to possibilities – music, jewellery, furniture, fashion, books, artworks – if it’s creative and looks good, it’s a fit.

We need beautiful and high resolution pictures, otherwise we will not be able to work with you.

You are a reliable person and will do your best to keep a good communication with us.


Selection Process


We are looking exclusively for 2D artworks; prints, illustration, drawings, paintings, collages, photography.

You must be willing to sell the originals and/or limited editions on our shop.

We need beautiful and high resolution pictures, otherwise we will not be able to work with you.

You are a reliable person and will do your best to keep a good communication with us.


Yay! You have been selected for the shop! And now what?


We get in touch with you.

We select together the works to sell on the shop.

We guide you through the price range – of course, you are the last one to decide about that.

You provide us with high quality pictures of your works and the specific information of each piece.


Awesome, one of my artworks has been selected for the Art Subscription!


We get in touch with you and we decide together the artwork – maybe you have another one sitting on your desk that it’s a better fit?

We scan the selected artwork. If you live in Berlin, our printing partner will scan it for you. Otherwise you need to provide the scan yourself, which you can bill us for. Please use a professional scanner for the best result and consult with us before scanning it.

We talk about payment independently from the artworks in the shop.


And once everything is clear…Let’s get legal


We draft a standard contract and both parties sign it.

Artconnect uploads the works on the shop.


One more contract before we ship…


We have to sign an independent contract for the Art Subscription one before we ship!


<3 Sharing is Caring <3


If you are in Berlin, we meet up, get to know each other and take pictures of your creative process. If possible, we also make a short video. If you are somewhere else in the world, we’ll have to figure out another way. We are sure we can make something work out :)

We write a blog post about your work and we add it under each of your works.

We share your works & blog post through our media

You also share it through your social media – the more people see it, the better!


Whoop Whoop! Your work has been sold!


We send you the details of the purchase ipso facto.

You pack and ship the work at the speed of light – maybe add a personal note?

You send it through DHL with tracking number, since each package has included a 500€ insurance! Wonderful, isn’t it?

You save your shipping ticket and take a picture, which you send to us with your smartphone, you know, just in case!

The buyer receives the work and opens it with a big smile.

You send us an invoice for the 75% + shipping costs.

We transfer to you.


It’s that time of the month… to ship the Art Subscription!


We send the package at the beginning of the month and we prepare everything for you:

The art print carefully produced in excellent paper and inks, wrapped in glassine paper together with an interview about you and two beautiful postcards.

We pack it, we ship it, we invoice the clients and you just wait and see how our customers receive it with a big smile and admire your work.

You receive 1€ per subscriber – the more subscribers, the more money you get!


Any more doubts or questions?

Read our FAQ. And if you don’t find you answers there, write us to